Paperwork That You’ll Need To Apply For A Loan

Our Process at a Glance:

Your First Carolina Bank Loan Officer will provide you with a blank Personal Financial Statement and Application to be completed. They can help you with completing these documents.

In addition, the following information will be requested for each applicant to complete the loan application process:

  • Copy of your driver’s license (or current NC State ID, Military ID, or Passport)
  • Your most recent two years of Tax Returns
  • Your most recent two pay stubs as proof of income
  • Completed Personal Financial statement dated within the last 12 months
  • Proof of Homeowners Insurance
  • Your signed Purchase Agreement/Contract
  • Your most recent bank and investment statements
    - Checking, Money Market, Savings, and CDs
    - 401K Statements
    - Securities Investment Account

Be sure to copy all pages of your statement. If you do not receive paper statements, please print your entire online statement. Please note you may be asked to provide a detailed letter to explain any large deposits or withdrawals

If you own a business, we’ll also need the most recent two years of business returns (e.g., 1120, 1120S, Schedule K-1, 1065). Please include all pages and schedules.

We may need additional documents later in the process. If so, we will let you know. When you have completed the Loan Application please fax, mail, e-mail or drop off the application and all other pertinent information to the following:

First Carolina Bank
Attn: Mortgage Lending
171 N. Winstead Ave
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Phone: (252) 937-2152
Fax: (252) 937-4567

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our lending staff members and they will be glad to assist.


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