Be sure to sign up for Online Banking first

Within online banking, go the Mobile Banking tab

Under Mobile Banking Settings: 

- Check the box next to "Enable Web Access For Your Mobile Device"
- Answer "Yes/No" to Receive Text Message Alerts"
- Enter your mobile phone number
- Select your wireless provider from the drop-down box
- Submit

Contact Your Local Branch To Request Mobile Banking Be Activated On Your Phone

Download The Mobile Banking App

* iPhone: First Carolina Bank Mobile Banking *
* Android: First Carolina Mobile *

Sign in to your Mobile Banking app using your Online Banking username and password

The main screen will allow you to select: 

- My Accounts - lists all your accounts and allows you to manage each one
- Transfer - allows you to transfer funds between accounts
- Pay Bills - allows you to pay bills that have been predefined in Online Banking 
- Deposits - allows you to deposit a check directly into your account
- Statements - allows you to review account statements and transactions
- Alerts - allows you to review balance, security, and fraud alerts that have been predefined in Online Banking
- Locations - allows you to find the nearest branch/ATM
- Preferences - allows you to customize your landing page
- About - allows you to review First Carolina Bank analytics and privacy policy 

Under My Account:

- Select the account name to view your Current Balance, Available Balance, and Transactions for the past month

- Select the "..." icon to select from the following: Transfer From, Pay From, or Deposit To 

Under Transfer

- Select the account to Transfer From
- Select the account to Transfer To
- Enter the Amount to be transferred
- Enter the Transfer Date (cannot be a previous date)
- Submit your Transfer transaction 

Under Pay Bills

If you have set up Bill Pay on Online Banking, your Bill Pay accounts will appear here. You cannot add new Bill Pay accounts to your account via the Mobile Banking App. 

- Select the Payee you wish to Pay To
- Select the Account you wish to Pay From
- Enter the Amount you want to pay
- Enter the Date of the bill pay transaction (Cannot be a previous date)
- Submit your Bill Pay transaction

Under Deposits

If you have already made mobile deposits, they list will appear here

To deposit a new check, click the "+" button at the top right corner of the screen

- Take a picture of the front of your check
- Take a picture of the back of your check (be sure to sign the check first)
- Select the account to Deposit To
- Enter the Amount of the check
- Submit your Mobile Deposit transaction

Under Statements

If you have signed up for eStatements on Online Banking, yours statements will appear here. You cannot sign up for eStatements via the Mobile Banking App. 

- Select the Account Name you wish to review
- Select the statement Date you wish to review
- Your statement will appear as a PDF image

Under Alerts

If you have set up Alerts in Online Banking, your alerts will appear here. You cannot set up Alerts via the Mobile Banking App.

Under Locations

Your mobile device will request that you "Allow 'FCB' to access your location even when you are not using the app" - select either "Only While Using The App" or "Always Allow"

You can review a map-view or a list-view of First Carolina Bank branches and ATMs

Under Preferences

You can update your Landing Page and Change Your Password

Under About:

You can review the licences, including Analytics and the Privacy Policy